This Musical Pooch Loves Singing Along To Ed Sheeran

Caters_NewsPublished: April 3, 2018
Published: April 3, 2018

We like to believe that no one is able to resist Ed Sheeran’s music, no matter their musical preferences. The four-time Grammy Award winner has thousands upon thousands of wands worldwide, with both men and women swooning over his singing abilities. Well, we think we can now safely say that his fan base has spread over to the canine species as well.

His emotional ballad ‘Perfect’ was a smash hit in 2017, but the song still pulls the heartstrings of this three-year-old pooch Zoey. The sweet rescue recognizes her favorite song as soon as the first notes start playing and she can’t handle it. As soon as she figures out what is about to happen, Zoey turns wide-eyed to her owner Jerry and starts zooming across the living room, whining and panting.

When the opening chords start to twang, Zoey fills her home in Kansas City, Missouri with her melancholic howling, attempting to harmonize with Ed’s vocals. The excitement of the four-legged teenage girl is almost palpable, even through the screen!

Jerry says that his pet pooch reacts the exact same way every single time. She even barks at him when he is listening to music and will not stop until he switches the song back on. Admitting that Zoey’s performance always brightens up his day, Jerry said: “I usually listen to music after I get home from work – I listen to quite a lot of Ed Sheeran. There are a few songs she reacts similarly too, but for some reason, she really gets into ‘Perfect’.

“I’m not really sure where she came from; she never really barks, howls, or makes much noise at all, until her jam comes on. I think she’s trying to sing along with it too – I usually sing along to whatever is playing, so I think she is copying me.

“It brightens up my day, I’ll get home from work and no matter how the day went she always puts a smile on my face. Zoey is very affectionate, maybe that’s why she loves this emotional song.”

Since there has been an announcement from ed that he will be touring in this musical pooch’s hometown, who knows - maybe she will get to meet her idol that day!

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