What The Egg Is That? A Retriever Is Scared Of The Egg Challenge

Caters_NewsPublished: April 3, 20181,578 views
Published: April 3, 2018

There is a new challenge fad, swirling the Internet: the Golden Retriever Egg Challenge. The cute viral craze shows pet owners putting eggs into their dog's mouths to see whether their doggos would hold it gently or smash it to bits. And the results, expectantly, range from adorable to messy.

Golden Retrievers are bread hunting dogs, their task is to retrieve waterfowl and therefore they are notorious for their gentle mouths. After the first video was uploaded and shot to stardom, people started wondering whether other breeds of dogs can hold an egg their mouths without breaking it. Now, all sorts of dogs are attempting the egg challenge.

However, the challenge, and for that matter, this video, showed that not all dogs accepted the challenge that readily. Marley, the five years old Golden Retriever, was completely startled when his owner Kerry Werge showed him an egg. Kerry, from Blackburn, Lancs, was trying to get her pup to do the egg challenge, when golden retrievers hold an egg in their mouths without breaking them. But Marley had different ideas. Refusing to play along and confused by the new object, he backed up and started barking at it – not exactly displaying his softer side. Kerry said: “I was trying to get Marley to do the egg challenge but he wasn’t having any of it. “He hadn’t seen an egg before but I was so confused as to why he was scared of it. “It was really funny and I laughed a lot. He carried on like this for about 30 minutes.”

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