Peep Inside The Famous Cat Village In Taiwan

Caters_NewsPublished: April 3, 2018
Published: April 3, 2018

Far, far away, in a distant land, there is a village that is a home to more cats than people. This village is hidden away in the hills of northern Taiwan and is taken over by hundreds and hundreds of cats.

Houtong, a former mining colony and one of the largest providers of coal in Taiwan, was first founded by Jian Peiling. The last mining pits closed in the 1990s and, understandably, Mr. Peiling soon after changed his profession to the most logical thing – he has now become a cat photographer under the name of Mrs. Kitten. Out of almost 900 houses fostering nearly 6,000 residents, now there are only a hundred people left behind in this purr-fect little village. As the number of the village dwellers dropped down and the hamlet threatened to disappear, it was saved from the brink by a flood of lovable cats.

Most villages in dwindling economic circumstances would have simply fallen off the face of the Earth, but, fortunately for Houtong, it received a little feline salvation. By 2008, the tiny village had gathered heaps of vagrant cats that almost outnumbered the people. Seeing this as an opportunity to inject a little life into their town, the human residents started promoting themselves on the internet as a cat-friendly sanctuary, where guests could come and sympathize with the meowing mousers that had taken control of the streets.

That is the image of today’s Houtong. It has grown into a popular tourist destination welcoming people from all over to see the cats that freely roam the area.

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