This Makeup Artist Can Transform Herself Into Any Celebrity Or Character

Caters_News Published April 3, 2018 345 Plays

Rumble Makeup is the one tool in everyone’s arsenal that can help them transform themselves whichever way they want. This talented girl takes that feature one step further, by LITERALLY transforming herself into any celebrity or character she thinks of!

It takes a few hours for Rhylee Passfield to transform herself from the blond beauty to practically any face she can think of. Her portfolio ranges from Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Lana Del Rey, to characters like Captain Jack Sparrow and even the Mad Hatter! Don’t be fooled though, because everything she uses is bought at the local drugstore!

The 22-year-old, from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, has amassed nearly 20,000 Instagram followers for her depictions of everyone from Angelina Jolie to Kylie Jenner – on her own face. The self-taught talent was homeschooled and only recently has she undergone a formal training. She has been making all of the props and costumes she uses with materials from charity shops or thrift stores.

Also working as an entertainer at children’s parties, she says: “I like to pick celebrities who have unique features, such as Angelina Jolie with her big lips and structured jawline, and Lana del Rey with her unique eyes, nose, and lips. Any features that really stand out to me is what I like!

When she dons one of her looks, which can take anywhere from one to four hours, people ask her to come to them so that they can take a photo, as if it is their favorite celebrity.

Her most expensive costumes, if you can call them that, was the one for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, which cost $30 AUD ($23) and took 10 days to complete and the one for Captain Sparrow, at a cost of just $20 AUD ($15). Who said you have to dent the wallet to look awesome?