Top 10 Worst Sitcoms Ever

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Published: April 2, 2018

We can see the situation, but where’s the comedy? Today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Sitcoms of All Time.

For this list, we’ll be trudging through the situation comedies panned by many due to suffering from unrelatable characters, uninteresting/distasteful situations, or jokes that aren’t worthy of the laugh track. We’ll only be covering the live-action comedies, so animated sitcoms are ruled out.

Number 10: I hate my teenage daughter. It’s both sitcom and parenting lessons about single mothers.

Number 9: Homeboys in outer space. A sci-fi parody sitcom can be hilarious if done right. If only UPN knew that when they greenlit this flex!

Number 8: Marvin Marvin. Nickelodeon tried their hand at a Mork and Mindy rip off where Lucas play Marvin an alien taken in by a human family.

Number 7: Mulaney. Comedian John Mulaney portrays himself being hired to do work for a comic legend while trying to make time for his roommates.

Number 6: Dog with a blog. This blight of a series follows three step-siblings adjusting to life as a new family and living with a talking dog named Stan.

Number 5: Two broke girls. The series follows two women from different backgrounds working together as waitresses.

Number 4: Joey. After the finale of “Friends” our favorite dim-witted ladies man Joey Tribbiani moved to Los Angeles to focus on his acting career.

Number 3: Heil honey I’m home. Adolph Hitler and Eva Brown, typical sitcom couple with dull Jewish neighbors! Disasters!

Number 2: Fred: The Show. The series follows Fred’s misadventures while he talks to us and shrieks at us.

Number 1: My mother the car. We label this the worst show of all time. The series follows attorney David Crabtree as he buys a 1928 Porter that ends up being the reincarnation of his mother!

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