Babies Laughing While Playing With Dogs

Published April 2, 2018 10 Views

Rumble Dogs can be so funny and some babies recognize comedic genius when they see it. It doesn't take much for funny dogs to make babies laugh. And when adorable babies and pups are having fun together, infectious laughter is guaranteed! Take a look at this compilation of babies laughing uncontrollably at dogs! So adorable!

You shouldn’t bother with the latest sitcom of favorite stand-up comedy, because the babies in this video compilation think that dogs are hilarious. The combination of toddlers and pups together might just be a cuteness overload.

There is nothing sweeter than a baby laughing uncontrollably at something. The only thing that could make it sweeter is a cute puppy and that is exactly what is happening in this adorable compilation. These playful babies and playful puppies can keep each other entertained for hours! The funniest video HAS to be the first clip, an energetic puppy bounces around a baby girl as she lies down on the floor cracking up!

Babies have a sense of humor that’s almost impossible for us adults to understand. Such are the moments caught in this video compilation of perky laughter. Apparently everything about dogs is funny for babies. The way they eat, the way they lick their toes, the way they say "Hi", all of it. It’s just how they look at them. With love and joy!

We promise the full 5-minute compilation is just as sweet and funny as the first clip. Check it out and share your favorite clip in the comment section below!

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