These Movie Stars Began Their Careers As Movie Extras

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Rumble They may be all high and mighty right now, with their Academy Awards and the myriad of movies under their belt. Yet all movie stars need to start out somewhere. But did you know that many of them started in the background of your favorite movies!

WatchMojo presents the top 10 Movie Stars Who Started Out as Extras! But who will take the top spot on our list? Will it be Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matthew McConaughey, or Clint Eastwood? Watch to find out!

For starters, did you know that Frodo appeared in “Back to the Future 2”? That’s right - in the scene when 1985 Marty McFly shows the kids how to play an already antiquated arcade game in the Cafe 80s, Elijah Wood is the kid with the colander on his head.

Mr. Jackie Chan may be a big name in martial arts movies, but in 1973’s “Enter the Dragon” with Bruce Lee, he was just an extra. In a scene where a legion of nameless goons in the employ of evil Han’s, Jackie Chan in the goon that tries to ambush Lee from the back.

Who would have thought that Evan Almighty began as an extra in 1991’s “Curly Sue”? When John Belushi’s character enters a restaurant demanding a table for two in the non-smoking area by the window, a young waiter is called to serve him. That being none other than Steve Carell.

She may have flaunted her long legs in “Basic Instinct”, but in 1980’s “Stardust Memories”, Sharon Stone flaunted only her lips, pressed against the window of a departing train. She almost didn’t make it to the final cut, but the actress originally cast for the role didn’t show and Woody Allen chose Stone from the pool of extras.

Who knew that a name like Harrison Ford, having roles like Indiana Jones and Han Solo in his portfolio, once had to work as a carpenter to survive, because Hollywood kept casting him in minuscule roles. One such role is the one where he plays a college student in 1970’s “Getting Straight”. It wasn’t until his meeting with George Lucas that his career started taking off.

There are five more famous actors that used to have roles so tiny, they didn’t even open their mouths! Keep watching to find out who they are!