Man Records His Hilarious Sleep Talking Antics

Storyful Published April 2, 2018 16,249 Plays

Rumble No this video isn’t comprised of outtakes from the “Paranormal Activity” franchise, although you’d be forgiven for thinking that it might be. This is actually footage of extreme sleep talker Tyler Krause, filmed in his bed (with his VERY patient and understanding wife!) over a series of weeks—and I’s utterly, one hundred percent fascinating to watch. You’ll see him yelling, laughing, murmuring, petting his wife at one point (at least, we think that’s what he’s doing), getting out of bed, and even talking to a portrait of himself.

The whole thing makes for a pretty wild three minutes of footage, and if peeking into the private lives of other people (who’ve consented to have those private lives put on public display) is something you enjoy—and most of us enjoy that at least a little bit!—then this video is definitely worth checking out. Our immediate question after watching this a couple of times is whether Tyler Krause—the subject of this video, who also recorded and edited it—has ever considered checking himself into a sleep clinic, or seeking some other sort of medical consultation for his unusual nighttime behavior. Our second immediate question is to wonder how his poor wife ever manages to get any sleep at all!

It’s entirely possible that Krause himself wakes up from his highly unusual sleep routine fresh as a daisy, but we’re thinking that the same probably can’t be said for his sleeping companion, who—as you’ll see—frequently finds herself waking up to talk to Krause in his somnolent state over the course of the night. Maybe she views it as a form of late night entertainment? After all, we’ll admit that we’ve found it undeniably entertaining—and downright gripping—to watch this footage ourselves. We’re pretty sure that we’d find it incredibly difficult to live with every night, however.

Fortunately, we can have our cake and eat it too by investing a few minutes in checking out this video, and we’d one hundred percent recommend that you do the very same thing right now! It’ll give you something to talk about with friends and family members at the end of your workday, beyond the usual “my boss is a jerk” or “the dry cleaner didn’t have my sweater ready” conversations you usually have. This is a video that will stick with you long after you’ve watched, although you’ll probably end up re-watching it few times—and forwarding along to others you know for good measure.


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