Kitty Melts While Owner Pampers Her With Lint Roller

Published April 2, 2018 2,718 Views $1.67 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensWe, as humans, all know the benefits of getting a massage. It can be incredibly relaxing, it has many health benefits and a therapeutic effect. Turns out, these benefits of massage aren’t exclusive to humans; they are amazing for cats, too! The cat you are going to see, enjoys being spoiled. However, her owners took the massage to another level by incorporating a lint roller in the process.

Meet Eevie, the rescue cat, that misses one front leg but ever since she found her forever home she's been the happiest feline in the world. She knows how to enjoy this thorough pampering by her owner. It is one of her favorite activities and it makes this furry creature calm down after a day filled with jumping, running and doing mischievous things around her home. In this way, she feels even more loved and cared for and with pets that it is all that matters.

This bonding technique is much more better than a regular petting and it is a wonderful way to communicate with your cat. Cats love the stroking and petting humans offer, and humans love to feel a feline’s silky soft fur. Her owner massages her whole body with the roller and it looks like she doesn’t mind at all. She is showing how much she enjoys being massaged by stretching her whole body to full length and extending her front paw. When the roller starts moving on her tummy, she makes a pouncy movement to make sure that everything’s fine so she can go on relaxing. What a funny cat! She is just adorable.