Top 10 Celebrities Who Were Arrested For Protesting

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Rumble - Not every famous arrest is for a DUI. From Shailene Woodley to George Clooney and Jane Fonda, a lot of celebrities have been reprimanded for their political activism. In this video, we are counting down the top 10 stars who were arrested for protesting.

Number 10: Shailene Woodley. He joined the Standing Rock Sioux and her fellow environmentalists to protest the construction of the Dakota access pipeline in North Dakota which would have threatened the Native American Tribes water.

Number 9: James Cromwell. Cromwell crashed a University of Wisconsin board in 2013 to let them know how he felt about the school using cats as test subjects as experiments.

Number 8: George Clooney. He fought for human rights for South Sudan. He was arrested in 2012 in front of the Sudanese embassy in Washington.

Number 7: Lucy Lawless. In February 2012 along with six other members of Greenpeace, they snuck abroad a ship in port on key New Zealand which was designed to locate places to drill in the Artic after three days on the ship they were arrested for burglary.

Number 6: Woody Harrelson. Harrelson and other 9 activists climbed the Golden Gate Bridge to show their support for a 60 thousand acre plot of redwoods found in Northern California as the trees were set to cut down by a businessman.

Number 5: Jane Fonda. She was arrested at a Cleavland Airport in 1970 after returning from Canada after she gave a speech on the Vietnam War. She was arrested for smuggling drugs that in the end appeared to be vitamins.

Number 4 : Susan Sarandon. She was arrested along with other 219 demonstrators. They were protesting the police killing the Bronx resident Amadou Diallo.

Number 3: Daryl Hannah. She was arrested protesting the demolition of a large urban farm in South Central Los Angeles.

Number 2: Joan Baez. She was strongly opposed to the Vietnam War in October 1967 she joined a group of protesters who were blocking young men being draft from entering a military induction.

Number 1: Martin Sheen: He had been arrested 65 times for his activism. It all started when he demonstrated against Reagan’s Star Wars missile defense system.