These Are The Top 10 Times SNL Stepped On Someone's Toes

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Rumble - Seriously – can’t anyone take a joke anymore? Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times SNL Pissed Someone Off.

For this list, we’re looking at a handful of “Saturday Night Live” skits that annoyed, angered, or disappointed someone or an entire group. Whether the joke was funny is irrelevant.

We start the list with when the current POTUS aired his grievances via his favorite medium, Twitter.
Alec Baldwin donned the recognizable combover to mock Trump, prompting the POTUS to rage on Twitter. In turn, he provided SNL with enough material to keep on mocking him. It’s an endless cycle.

Number nine is the time Adrien Brody went full-on Jamaican, or at least that’s what he thought. After he won that Oscar, he seems to have done everything in his power to squander that momentum. His improv skills were taken into question during his SNL skit when he was supposed to announce reggae musician Sean Paul on the stage - donning fake dreadlocks and an even faker Jamaican accent.

Let’s not forget the episode when Down syndrome was the punchline! Since humor is at its best when it is at the expense of someone else, over the years SNL has poked fun at almost anyone. The “Danny's Song” skit centers around a group of friends, sitting in a bar and reminiscing about some unsavory memories. The CEO of the National Down Syndrome Society wrote a lengthy letter to the creators of SNL, calling the skit “insensitive and derogatory”.

If you remember, there was a time when Martin Lawrence owned Hollywood. Despite being one of the hottest comedians of the 90s, Lawrence was banned from SNL due to an offensive monologue while hosting an episode in 1994. He spent most of the time lambasting woman for not taking care of themselves.

When Tiger Woods wife chased him around with a golf club after the infidelity scandal broke out, the SNL made sure to milk that cow. The sketch was criticized for suggesting that domestic violence is funny when the man is the victim.

This is not all! The list keeps going, so be sure to keep on watching for more!