Scary Storm Surprises Drivers On Serbian Highway

Published March 29, 2018 961,839 Views

Rumble / Strange WeatherIf you are a fan of traveling, you know that it’s quite a heady feeling to see everything blur right in front of your eyes and to just enjoy the mixture of green nature has concocted. You focus more on the visual and you tune out the dreadful noise of the bustling city. Those road trips are a good way to soothe your busy mind and to recharge your batteries.

However in this case things certainly turned somewhat crazy when a dense smog in Serbia created dangerous conditions for those traveling near the city on this specific day. The visibility on the Serbian highway was as low as 2 meters, according to what we can very clearly see in this video. The intense smog was also credited with road, rail and airport delays and residents were told not to leave their homes. And why would you in such unforgiving Serbia ?!

Heavy rain greatly reduced visibility for cars driving along a Serbian highway. The source of this footage said some vehicles had pulled to the side of the road amid the severe conditions; others were “gliding along,” as you can see in this video. At first it seems just like heavy winds are upon their arrival, but as the driver keeps driving forward they seem to hit the middle of this blackening wind/dust/rain storm.

While driving on a highway in Serbia , a strange and intense storm passes right through seemingly out of nowhere. Can anybody explain this?!

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