Male Lion Jumps Into An Open Safari Truck Full Of Students

NewsflarePublished: March 29, 2018Updated: July 9, 201820,868 views
Published: March 29, 2018Updated: July 9, 2018

A curious video has emerged of a lion suddenly jumping inside a safari truck full of tourists giving them the fright of a lifetime. There is no doubt that these students will remember their close encounter with a lion for a long time, as it might be one of the most terrifying moment they have ever experienced in their life.

Bela Bela is a little town in northern South Africa, situated in the Limpopo province. This area is the home of many national park and wildlife reserve centers. Being approximately 250 miles west from the Kruger national park and practically a neighbor several private game reserves and game farms, Bela Bela is an attraction for tourist in love with the South African nature, wildlife and of course – lions.

During a school trip to this exact place, a male white lion decided to jump aboard for the safari truck and greet the passengers! At safaris, in general, you should expect to ride along dirt paths enjoying the scenic view and observing lions, but nobody expects that a hitchhiker might tag along in your cart! Immediately after the intruder hopped inside the safari vehicle, the teacher tried to calm the students in order to avoid any possibilities of disturbing the lion.

The startled group of students are told to “relax” and are ordered to climb out of the truck as Zeus, the hitchhiking lion, roams around the cab freely, inspecting in detail the safari truck. As the lion calmly explores the tour bus, the experienced guides slowly escorted the shocked students off the bus and into safety. The driver was eventually able to coax Zeus out of the vehicle, and continue with the tour. What a unique experience!

The star of the video, the male white lion is called Zeus. He is one of the many lions raised by humans as cubs before being given to the reserve in Limpopo province.

“The driver warned us that they ‘thought cars were toys for them’ and that they may jump in - we thought he was joking,” said the person that made the video. Zeus, according to him, is the “friendliest” of the three lions. Friendly indeed, he didn’t pick on any student, so that’s the best way one can put it!

As vicious and ferocious lions may seem, you have to admit that they have a soft side in them! There are numerous videos that show the strong connection lion handlers have with these wild cats. Watching these huge beasts share warm, loving hugs with human beings, gives us serenity and we forget about their scary nature for a while. In that moment, you just want to take one home with you and keep it as a pet!

Have you ever seen something like this before? However, this is not the first time a friendly lion decided to greet safari-goers. In another startling video, a family drives through a lion park in South Africa and stops just to take some pictures of the lions, when one curious lion walks up to the car and tries to befriend them. Due to the shock, they did not think much of it at first until the lion bit the door handle and opened the door! Looks like someone did not lock the car door! What would you have done if you were in a situation like this? Let us know down in the comments!

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