Strange creature

sctech1080Published: March 29, 20189,094 plays$4.28 earned
Published: March 29, 2018

The strange creature - when we go to the quiz to meet a strange flock of creatures

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strange creature




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    BroncoBob · 48 weeks ago

    The creature at 5:18 in a strange 'worm' configuration appears to be from the "Tapeworm" family to me. I'm no authority on these things but I've seen tapeworms and this appears to be somewhat related. However, the appendage it protrudes from it's 'tail' or is it the 'head'? Doesn't relate to any type of tapeworm though.

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    Spitfire · 10 weeks ago

    Swimming anyone? Those look fairly disgusting!

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      sctech1080 · 10 weeks ago

      Yes, I gave up and never dared to fish in that river