Gang Of Thugs Beat Up Stunt Drivers For Drifting

CENPublished: March 29, 2018
Published: March 29, 2018

This is the shocking moment two car enthusiasts ended up being beaten up by local residents for showing off their stunt-driving skills.

Anastasia 'Nastya' Tuman was reportedly filming her friend Denis Sidorov showing off his drifting skills outside a garage in the city of Voronezh in south-western Russia's Voronezh Oblast region.

But a mob of angry local residents took exception to their antics and attacked the pair who run specialist YouTube subscription channels on car stunts.

Ms Tuman, who was waiting with Mr Sidorov while her own car was being repaired at the garage, tried to film what happened next on her smartphone.

The footage shows a group of men surrounding Mr Sidorov, who runs the popular StopKhlam channel on YouTube, kicking him as he lay on the ground.

She says the men had initially told them to leave the area - but had turned violent after she and Mr Sidorov told them they had finished filming for the day.

She said that was when the men attacked Mr Sidorov and that she too was attacked as she tried to film the attack as evidence for the police.

One of the man took the phone away from her and even pushed her up against the wall of the garage, demanding that she delete the video, she added.

Ms Tuman said: "We realised that if we did not do what they wanted then... I don’t even know what would have happened."

She added that there were no notices banning filming in the area and that they had lodged a complaint with police about the incident.

The video of the incident is proving popular on YouTube where netizen ‘Hm…’ said: "Modern city life realities", and ‘Victor Kiselev’ added: "I got my car scratched by those fans of drifting once..."

Drifting is when a car is driven at speed in such a way that the front wheels point in the opposite direction to the turn.

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