Band Plays Titanic Song, Then The Lights Go Out

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Published: March 29, 2018

You might reasonably have supposed that the last thing anyone would want to hear about while on a cruise would be the sinking of the Titanic. You might also have thought that the last gig anyone would want to watch being performed live is the one playing the Titanic theme song. Wouldn’t it be spooky and ominous?

But if you did, you would be wrong on both counts. Why? Because the Titanic theme song is hugely popular with passengers who are cruising. No matter how scary it sounds, the fact that there are enough lifeboats for everyone on board and that there are no icebergs in sight is somehow comforting.

While the cruise ship is taking its course across the ocean, a band is playing the song of Titanic - the most epic romance-disaster film of all the times. We believe that there is no person alive that hasn’t watched this movie or is at least familiar with the history behind it. A vacationer in this video has captured the hilarious moment a band is cut short while playing the Titanic theme song - right as the ship was plunged into darkness by a power cut mid performance.

Heidi White, who was celebrating her fifth wedding anniversary on board the Carnival Liberty, had begun filming as the band played the romantic love song. But just a few seconds into the hit number, the lights suddenly go out - leaving the guests nervously laughing at the comical timing. Not everybody is afraid though, while some of the guests shout terribly ‘Oh my God’, others find this whole thing irresistibly comical. There is a loud laughter and ovations from the passengers who want to express great enjoyment in being present at this moment. It is an experience that everybody will remember and retell repeatedly.

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