Woman Fakes Seizure Under Car To Stop Cops Taking Hubby

CENPublished: March 29, 2018
Published: March 29, 2018

A woman tried to prevent police officers taking away her husband by crawling under their car and pretending to have a seizure.

The woman named only as Quan was filmed lying under the car in the city of Changning in Central China’s Hunan province, curling her fingers in what local media report was almost definitely a feigned fit.

She had become agitated when traffic officers stopped the motorbike being ridden by her husband with her and their daughter as passengers.

They had told him that he needed to go to a police station as he could not show them a licence or registration documents for the bike.

When the officers told the husband, named only as Wang, to get into their car, his wife responded with the dramatic display of illness, according to reports.

Despite their suspicions that the woman’s illness was faked, cops called paramedics to the scene.

After an hour, the medics coaxed her out from under the car and took her for a hospital check-up along with her daughter, whose name and age were not reported.

What the hospital check revealed was not reported.

It was not clear how Wang’s paperwork problem was eventually dealt with or whether anyone would be charged over the day’s incidents.

One social media commenter said: "This is true love, love makes people stupid."

Another added: "They should have just ignored her and seen how long she stayed under the car."

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