Security Guard Beats Stray Dog To Death With Spade

CENPublished: March 29, 2018
Published: March 29, 2018

A distressing video showing a security guard beating a dog to death using a metal spade has stirred debate over how stray animals should be treated.

The clip filmed by a homeowner in Hefei, capital of Anhui Province in East China, captured the moment the white mongrel was repeatedly struck by the guard, who did not stop even after the pooch appeared to be twitching and then lifeless.

According to the guard’s employers, who manage the residential complex, the white dog "bit seven people" before they finally decided to kill it.

"It bit several people in a row and would return whenever we drove it away," an unnamed spokeswoman was quoted as saying.

But the seemingly brutal method with which the animal was killed has caused discomfort amongst homeowners, some of whom even suggested the security guard had killed the wrong stray.

Another video taken a few days before the dog was killed showed homeowners interacting with the pooch, with one woman asking: "Does anyone want to adopt this stray living in our residential area?"

While social media users agreed that a dangerous and potentially rabid dog should be dealt with, they felt there were more "humane" ways to do it.

‘49cunpin’ said: "If a dog bites someone, it has to be beaten to death."

‘Dawenzhuren dajiating’ responded: "If a dog bites someone in response to provocation and while under threat, it should be euthanised."

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