This Dog Looks Like A Real Life Teddy Bear

StoryfulPublished: March 29, 2018
Published: March 29, 2018

All people love teddy bears, especially women when they receive them as gifts. But for many of us – dog lovers, teddy bears cannot compare to the cuteness of our furbabies. Take a look at this adorable doggo, looking like a real-life teddy bear!

This tiny puppy named Bibi Shasha is getting all the fame on the Internet. And it’s because she looks exactly like a living teddy bear, but even more lovable! Bibi is so cute that she has more than 83,000 followers on Instagram.

There is definitely something special about pups that look like teddy bear toys. One thing is for sure, you have an extra huggability factor as if you could sweep them up at any moment. With her little ears, adorable button eyes and matching button nose, Bibi Shasha is a real-life version of your favorite childhood stuffed animal.

This little brown bundle of fluff is always waiting for a cuddle session. This tiny breed of pups is relatively new, since the late 1990s. The name teddy bear does not refer to one specific breed, actually, it is used to describe a cross breed between Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise. These puppies need to be brushed daily, bather regularly and taken with a lot of care. If you treat them right, you will have a best friend for a long time!

Many people become very attached to a teddy bear at some point in their lives. But what if this teddy bear could come alive? With this adorable dog, it really seems like exactly this has happened!

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