Cat Keen For Owner’s Attention

NewsflarePublished: March 29, 2018
Published: March 29, 2018

Cats are mostly solitary creatures. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t get jealous of any other cat, or people in your household. They can get jealous if you are not paying them enough attention. Just as the cat in this video. Take a look at the cat’s adorable reaction when her owner is busy on the cell phone and not stroking her.

A cat touched its owner shoulder to attract his attention in a city near Beijing. She wanted to be petted and her owner only cared about his phone. In the clip, filmed in Tianjin City on March 17, the cat touches its owner with its paw while the owner plays on his phone. After the owner pets the cat's head, he goes back to his phone - only for the cat to paw him again.

After gently touching his shoulder with her paw, the cat seems to be not satisfied with her owner short cuddle. But soon as the man turns his head back to the mobile screen, the cat slowly raises a paw and runs down his sidearm.
Cats are typically quieter and less demanding pets. They prefer to be alone a good part of the day. But the kitty in this video sought for some human contact and care, so she did it her way. And hey, what can be more entertaining than petting your cat? A cell phone? This cat doesn’t agree!

Watch the adorable moment when a cat seeking her owner’s attention touches him gently with her paw… in order to get some stroking! Hilarious!


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