This Artist Paints Pop Culture Figures On Thrift Store Paintings

Caters_NewsPublished: March 29, 2018
Published: March 29, 2018

The Artist David Irvine of the Gnarled Branch produces all sorts of fascinating creations, such as decorated upcycled vinyl records, statuettes, and even puppetry. He also discovers old thrift store canvases and gives his own distinctive touch to the landscapes. These revised canvases show pop culture characters, animals, and creatures you have seen before, although never in this light.

Irvine began with this project years ago when he was still a struggling artist. He would often check upon thrift stores in search for old, unwanted paintings he could use for art supplies. He would use the old frames again and paint over works of art that would be thrown away instead of displayed on walls and enjoyed. Irvine first got the idea to use the art already present there after finding a particular landscape on one of his trips.

"I came across one piece at a yard sale featuring a seascape and for some reason I had a vision of two reapers standing on the shore playing with a beach ball," the artist explained. "I painted in this vision and posted it online where it sold instantly and generated a big response. I knew at that instant I had to start a series of redirected paintings along with the other types of artwork I do."

Although his artworks have gotten high acclaim, he still tries to avoid cleaner, finer pieces that might still be bought and enjoyed. Instead, Irvine targets worn and ruined artwork that he can breathe new life into.

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