This 77-Year-Old Ballerina Is Still On Her Toes And Teaching Ballet Classes

Caters_NewsPublished: March 29, 2018
Published: March 29, 2018

Here is another proof that age is merely a number. Suzelle Poole is 77 year old, yet she is still on her toes, in her ballet slippers, and teaching the art to aspiring ballerinas! Originally from Chelsea, London, Suzelle first started dancing ballet exactly 70 years ago. And she has not stopped since!

She experienced her first professional ballet performance at the tender age of 10 and later got featured in a number of world class shows around the world. Now Madame Poole lives in Dallas, Texas and teaches and practices ballet six times a week. She ever performs in nursing homes for people who are often much older than herself and unable to get out.

Also a published poet, Suzelle believes that everyone would benefit from being taught the art, since she herself is fit as a fiddle. “I have always loved ballet dancing and I’m always practicing and striving to improve. I’m able to teach all ages and levels of ballet, I have just taken an intermediate foundation exam and teach all ages how to dance at Royale Ballet Dance Academy,” she says.

“I started at my current dance school in 2003 and as well as dancing there I also perform at nursing homes around Dallas. I feel that seeing my dancing might encourage any disabled residents to do the exercises offered by the care staff. I’m older than a lot of them in there and they can’t believe I’m still dancing, I’m so grateful that I can.

Suzelle only takes Tuesdays off so that she can go to church, visit some indoor shopping markets and place flowers in her husband’s memory.

We have to remind you of another much older lady who is also still fit as a fiddle. This 97-year-old granny may look frail, but when the Charleston starts playing, she can still dance like in her 20s! Fantastic!

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