A Peep Inside The Top Secret Government Laboratory Hidden In Antarctica

Caters_NewsPublished: March 29, 2018
Published: March 29, 2018

Area 51 is part of Antarctica hidden from the public. There is a giant mysterious disco ball orb sitting atop a rocky cliff, looking as something taken out of a science fiction movie. The green container below holds a scientific laboratory. This entire area is, quite surprisingly, protected by very low tech security equipment: blocked off with nothing but ropes and signs warning those without permits to stay away. For those allowed entrance, it is a glimpse inside a top-secret area no one is allowed to see.

This is what a New Zealand journalist discovered in the South Pole. A top-secret science laboratory called “Antarctica’s Area 51”. The hidden laboratory base was discovered deep in a mountain range in a district known as the Specially Protected Area (ASPA), or Area 122. The grounds are at all times patrolled by the military and you would need an official security clearance to enter. The journalist who was provided the chance to get a glimpse behind its curtains, Breanna Barraclough, said she somewhat expected to find extra-terrestrials being kept below the ice.

This laboratory has been a home to New Zealand scientists since 1959 and is based in the vicinity of a US research station. And the green container laboratory room where scientists do their work is evidence of just those days – packed with old-fashioned low-tech utensils. The few visitors are also asked not even to breathe too heavily not to destabilize the equipment. The area is so remote and so difficult to reach that they do not get rid of anything, they simply fix it. We do not know what experiments are going on in there exactly, but we know one for sure: stepping into that laboratory is like taking a trip back in time.

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