Check Out These 10 Baseball Freak-Outs That Went Down In History

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Published: March 28, 2018Updated: March 29, 2018

You think baseball is slow and uneventful? Think again! For this list, we are counting down the funniest, most shocking and and/or notable freak-outs in baseball history. We will be focusing on the Major League, so the minors will not be included, even though they have their own freak-outs that will go remembered.

We start with Nolan Ryan vs. Robin Ventura. Seemingly intentional hints are always good for bench clearing. August 4, 1993 went down in baseball history as the day of the famous Ventura/Ryan bout. In the third inning, Ryan pegged Ventura in the elbow, causing him to charge the mound. Ryan beat the snot out of Ventura in a vicious headlock, before the benches cleared and all hell broke loose.

We follow up with the time when Billy Martin threw dirt at the umpire. What other way to get yourself in trouble on the field? Yankees manager Billy Martin was known for his temper and volatile personality, showing it on full display in May 30, 1988. During a game against the Oakland Athletics, a call was made that Martin didn’t agree with, so the manager charged the field and vehemently argued with the umpire, kicking dirt at his shoes, even tossing a handful at his chest!

Remember when Tommy Lasorda went against the Phillie Phanatic? The Dodgers manager seems like he dislikes mascots very much. When he is not tossing former Montreal Expos mascot Youppi for sitting on his dugout, he is beating up the beloved Phillie Phanatic.

How about when Roger Clemens threw a broken bat at Mike Piazza? The World Series is a time of stress for all players, but that does not excuse bad behavior. In game two of the 200 World Series a piece of Piazza’s broken bat made its way over to Clemens. It seems he saw it as a act of aggression, since he threw the jagged piece of wood back at Piazza. Cue another bench clearing.

These are just the tip of this loony iceberg. You will have to keep watching for the rest of it. Don’t forget to share too!

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