Disciplined Dog Plays Feeding Game With Baby Friend

Published March 28, 2018 14,147,366 Views

When toddlers are old enough to understand how things work, they become more stubborn and opinionated. Because once they get hold on something it is difficult to distract them. They might not be possessive, but you know, what is theirs is theirs. End of discussion.

Ava is a type of a baby who wouldn’t let go of what she thinks she has a right to. Like the dog’s biscuit for example. And that one belongs to her loyal friend - Bruno the German Shepherd. She just wants to make sure that not all of the biscuits go down Bruno’s throat because it is such a waste not to spend time playing with them. With toddlers, everything is a game and sometimes the most interesting things to play with are not toys but food. Because nothing feels better than having something to melt and crumble in your hands.

Only if Ava’s reflexes were as quick as Bruno. She would have taken all the biscuits and the poor dog would be left with none. His quick response biting the biscuits goes hand in hand with his discipline. He is a well-educated boy and will never do anything to harm this baby. No matter how much she tries to snatch the biscuits, he behaves gently and diligently, letting her have the last one. Regardless of Bruno’s desire to finish off his snack, he realizes that Eva stole his last biscuit, but he is so patient and kind that he doesn’t make a fuss about it. Eva is so smart, even her dad won’t divert her attention by giving him high five. She knows what she wants and makes sure she has that. We are certain that Eva and Bruno will establish a bond of a lifetime.

On the topic of babies and canines together, take a look at the next video where appreciative baby pats piano-playing pooch on the back.

Buddy the dog is quite the virtuoso, and this baby made sure to let him know that. In the video, Buddy can be seen standing on his hind legs and playing the piano as he howls. The baby then comes over, standing right next to him to enjoy his music before patting him encouragingly on the back. Cuteness overload!

If you are not a dog person, this video will change you forever. We all know that our canine companions are truly incredible beings, but the talented dog from this video is next level amazing! You absolutely have to check out his incredible talent in music! Dogs are beings of many different talents. But did you know that they can even be talented singers and pianists? It might sound crazy, but the pooch from this video proves that it’s possible!

At the beginning of the clip, we see the pooch standing on its hind legs and touching piano’s keyboard with its front legs, so to say playing the piano like a real pro. Say no more! Let the concert begin! OMG, how funny is this canine musician? LOL! The music this dog is playing is like nothing we’ve ever heard before! We don’t know about you, but we have never seen a dog with such incredible talent! So amazing!

Not only our virtuoso plays the keyboards, he also sings along with the sound. The moment this dog touches the keyboards, it releases a satisfactory howl, as it is applauding for its own talent! However, this pooch’s number one fan is his baby human friend, who comes rushing upon hearing the wonderful music this dog is creating. Watch as the little tot hugs dog’s body and pats it on the shoulder as to say ‘Great job, buddy!” How cute are these two?!

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