Backyard Turns Into Giant Moving Waterbed

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Published: March 28, 2018

An astonished homeowner discovered their backyard had become a natural bouncy castle after a downpour. Alison Parrish, from Georgia, USA, can be seen jumping up and down as the ground moves under her feet. The bizarre movement is thought to have been caused by a poorly filled swimming pool, collecting water and creating the fun - but unwanted - landscape.

An interesting video has emerged from a girl and her mom out in their back yard and some very unusual soft like the texture of "moving ground". So basically, this girl has gone back in her backyard in her flip-flops and starts jumping on the ground as if it is a waterbed. The ground moves and wiggles as she is jumping on it which for an instant moment makes you feel uncomfortable thinking this girl might actually drop into this unstable ground.

Humans have gone above and beyond out of there way find out very interesting facts and places on our Earth . We Have flown great heights and dived deep waters and yet still seem to find more and more about our precious Earth. Man has gone great lengths into the Earths crust to figure what we stand on and how this effects us in our daily lives. Although there will always be more to discover and more to see as we have yet to uncover all the secrets this world has to offer.

This video is truly interesting as to what is really happening bellow our feet while we are sitting at home, stuck to our couches, eating some junk food and watching Netflix.


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