Rare Footage Captured of Scottish Wildcat in Clashindarroch Forest

Storyful Published March 28, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Scottish Wildcat Haven captured footage of a large and rare wildcat in the Clashindarroch Forest on March 27. Dr. Paul O’Donoghue, the chief scientific advisor at Scottish Wildcat Haven, and his team have been gathering footage of the wildcats – the only wild cat left on the island of Great Britain – as part of the Scottish Wildcat Conservation Project. According to this local report, the wildcat featured during this video has been nicknamed “The Beast” and measures at approximately 4 feet from nose to tail, which is about a foot larger than the average wildcat according to this description. Kev Bell, the fieldworker who captured The Beast on camera, said that his team sets up remote traps to bait the wildcats through scent or food. Once anything comes near the remote trap, the camera is triggered and starts to record, which is how Bell and the rest of his team gather their footage. Bell was quoted here explaining the importance and necessity of the wildcats to Scotland’s ecology and nature and noted that Scottish Wildcats are one of the rarest animals in the world. The Wildcat Haven will continue to monitor the area and report on wildcat sightings and behavior to help inform the public of just how vital these wildcats are. Authorities estimate between 100 and 300 of the wildcats remain. Credit: Paul O’Donoghue via Storyful