Tiny Pup Successfully Keeps Up With The Speed Of The Treadmill

StoryfulPublished: March 28, 2018
Published: March 28, 2018

Dogs are athletes. Most of them are bred to sustain some sort of job because they have too much energy to waste. They get into trouble when their physical, emotional and mental needs are not met. So, exercise, quality time and obedience are things that help them grow and become strong. Some dogs still seem to buzz with energy even after a good walk. Luckily, a treadmill may be the answer for owners who just can't seem to satisfy their dog’s needs.

This corgi pup was only a month old when he began jogging on his human’s treadmill. Confused at first, the corgi doesn’t seem to know how to keep up with the speed of the treadmill, but with some words of encouragement from his human he soon gets the hang of it. Thankfully, the words of praise are what motivates him not to give up and do his best so that we can watch more of him in this video. Yes! We say yes to treadmills and dogs that can’t get enough of them. Or they can’t get off them. Anyways, this adorable dog is super cute, trying to keep his balance on the treadmill and trying as hard as he may not to be thrown out of it. Because he loves this exercise so much .

While some dogs are terrified when the belt starts moving, this canine undoubtedly enjoys the ride. It is not long before he starts trotting along happily on the treadmill and every time is different and more exciting than the previous one. But once the corgi gets the gist, there is nothing that can stop him.

Let’s not forget that this pup should be given a small treat for showing an interest in the machine, and then another treat for putting any paws on it.

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