The Dog That Can't Catch Food Takes On An Apprentice

Storyful Published March 28, 2018 8 Plays

Rumble Dogs are usually masters when it comes to games of throw and catch - particularly when there is food involved.

But Fritz, the Golden Retriever from California, seems to lack any eye-to-mouth co-ordination skills, as the video on the top of the page clearly shows.

What Fritz the golden retriever lacks in coordination, he more than makes up for in enthusiasm. And now that he has a little brother, he can share his food-catching skills (or lack thereof) with him. Watch as the pair try their best to catch the tasty treats
thrown to them. With years of practice, Fritz managed to catch a few; his little friend, however, was not quite as successful!

Fritz, or as they call him the “Old Pro” was filmed trying to catch tasty treats thrown by his owner. In more attempts than we would like to officially admit, the old but Gold retriever fails and fails miserably. slow motion footage shows him licking his lips and enthusiastically leaping up to catch the treat. Unfortunately, there is the young apprentice Gatsby, a younger pup patiently waiting next to Fritz, straining himself trying to learn from Frits’s mistakes but all he manages to see and pick up is failure after failure. Is this how it is really done? But, we do not despair, and you shouldn’t as well because we know too well that good things come to dogs who wait and practice. In time, both dogs seem to better their treat catching skills.