This Bangkok Street Vendor Creates Amazing Desserts

StoryfulPublished: March 28, 201813 views
Published: March 28, 2018

Even though is famous for its old charm and eclectic hustle, Bangkok is a place quite popular for its cuisine. Whether it is classic Thai food, fresh seafood, hot noodles or sweets, Bangkok has to offer a lot of food to travelers. Delicious meal at a real value can be found anywhere in Bangkok, from streets to five-star restaurants. Take a look at this amazing street vendor creating a unique icy dessert!

If you are in search for a sugar rush on wheels, then Bangkok is the right place for you. Wandering around the city corners and markets, you are bound to see a variety of delicious desserts. And believe us, if you have a sweet tooth, there is a tiny chance that you will resist!

Travel Thirsty continued to quench their thirst for travel with this trip to Bangkok, Thailand in 2016. While there, a street vendor was captured on camera preparing and serving a snow cone the old-fashioned way and it looked simply delectable.

The lady starts off by putting three kinds of jelly fruit in the dessert container. Then she proceeds by adding crushed ice. When she makes the perfect form, she adds fruity syrup to the ice. The rest of the procedure is a decoration so it will look better for the customers.

The land of smiles, as they call Thailand is a dessert heaven, although you may pass out from an overdose of sugar, the sweets are too lovely to be missed. Just as the one in this video. Enjoy it and next thing you know, you might plan on visiting Bangkok!

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