Stunning Actress Shares Video Of Bum Injection

CENPublished: March 28, 201826 views
Published: March 28, 2018

Stunning Colombian actress Johanna Fadul has shared the secret of her fantastic looks with a video of her receiving a vitamin bum jab.

Injections with a cocktail of vitamins are said to be the latest celebrity health trend with stars such as Rita Ora, Rihanna and Katy Perry rumoured to swear by them, while male celebs such as Simon Cowell and Justin Timberlake are also reported to have had the energy-boosting jabs.

The Latin American actress is the latest celebrity to endorse the treatment after sharing a video of her receiving the jab in her right buttock.

In the footage, Fadul said: "Vitamins! Good vitamins for my bum."

Grimacing slightly as the jab is administered, the actress stated afterwards: "If you ask me, yes it is natural."

The 32-year-old stunner boasts an Instagram following of 2.2 million followers and regularly shares sexy snaps that show off her toned curvy body.

There has been media speculation that she has undergone cosmetic surgery in the past, but the recent video proves that exercise and vitamins are the perfect combination for an eye-popping derriere.

However, not everyone thinks that the treatment is entirely safe and doctors strongly advise that you seek medical advice beforehand and have the injections administered at a clinic, not at home.

Some people use the jabs for weight loss and enhanced curves, but there is no clinical evidence to back this up.

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