Guy Wows Audience By Making Beer Disappear

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Published: March 28, 2018

A university student has wowed the internet with his beer disappearing and reappearing magic trick as 2.6 million people watched the video in its first few days. The beer wizard, identified as Jordin, will almost certainly be invited to all the best university parties following his viral video, filmed in the Bellavista area of Santiago, capital of Chile.

The video, circulated by local media, has been viewed 2.6 million times, shared 61,000 times, received over 31,000 ‘likes’ and commented on 4,000 times. In footage filmed inside a large hall with hundreds of people, Jordin asks a volunteer to fill his plastic cup with lager. He then holds the cup up to the cheering crowd and begins to pour its contents into a paper bag, throwing the empty cup away and miraculously producing a full one from the paper.

As the audience goes crazy, Jordin walks to another table and grabs a newspaper that he fashions into a funnel. He pours the beer inside the funnel and hands the empty cup to a spectator. The young magician then opens up the newspaper, which is somehow bone dry. To prove the point, he flicks through the pages.

However, when he takes an empty cup and holds the dry newspaper up to the stunned crowd, beer begins to pour from its centerfold into the cup. Jordin then drinks the frothy lager as the audience erupts in cheer. One netizen wrote: "We have our very own celebrity, I should have got an autograph." Another comment said: "He deserves all the recognition he gets. Respect to that man!"

Still, this is nothing compared to the trick where your dog fetches you beer. At least it is lead-free!

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