Leader Of Colombias Biggest Drugs Cartel Arrested

CENPublished: March 28, 2018
Published: March 28, 2018

Police say they have arrested one of the leaders of the most powerful drugs cartels in Colombia along with a henchman.

Gustavo Hernan Sepulveda David, aka 'Mask', the alleged leader of the El Clan de Golfo neo-paramilitary gang, was seized in an operation in western Colombia.

He was arrested at a house in the town of Zaragoza, near the city of Cartago, in the department of Valle del Cauca, where he was recovering from wounds inflicted by police in an earlier operation in the town of El Rosario in the south-western department of Narino.

A video shows an unnamed alleged subordinate being taken to a police helicopter, then David being arrested in a raid on a house.

Police say that David was responsible for controlling the gang's drug production centres in Narino.

He was previously arrested for aggravated felony offences in 2003 but resumed his gangster lifestyle as soon as he was released.

David was previously known as 'Furia’ and was the leader of the Bloque Centauros gang in the Bajo Cauca region of the northern department of Antioquia.

Police investigators say he later hooked up with the El Clan de Golfo gang after winning the trust of Dairo Antonio Usuaga, aka ‘Otoniel’, the biggest leader of the criminal organisation.

Mask has allegedly been in charge of El Clan de Golfo's activities in western Colombia since last April.

He is accused of ordering attacks on rival criminal gangs, including ‘La Gente del Orden’ and ‘La Empresa’, and putting pressure on farmers to block government attempts to eradicate illegal drug crops.

El Clan del Golfo, formerly called Los Urabenos, is considered the most powerful neo-paramilitary group in Colombia with some 3,000 members in the inner circle of the organisation. Their main source of income is drug trafficking.

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