Barking Mad City Bosses Install Public Toilets For Dogs

CENPublished: March 28, 2018
Published: March 28, 2018

Chinese city bosses have been lambasted for installing bizarre dog public toilets that pooches refuse to go into and cannot stand in.

Municipal officials in the city of Taiyuan, capital of the province of Shanxi in North China, installed the dog lavatories in an attempt to keep the streets clean.

The 2,000 RMB (224 GBP) devices are shiny metal cages with metal bar floors. It is not reported how many have been installed.

A cavity below the metal bars is intended to catch the dog’s business, with the city promising to clean them out every day.

But a video shows that dogs resist all attempts to get them to go inside.

One owner manages to get his dog’s front legs into the cage, where it is revealed that the barred floor makes it very difficult for a dog to even stand on, let alone relax and let nature take its course.

An unnamed city official reportedly spearheading the dog-toilet project told local media that Taiyuan would continue to try to develop toilets for dogs being walked.

But it was unclear whether the city planned to persevere with the cage toilets or was looking at other solutions.

Other municipal solutions to the problem of dog poo worldwide have included other designs of dog toilet, heavy fines for offenders’ owners and even DNA tests to pinpoint which dog caused which mess.

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