Book Author Shouts Freeloader Out Of 1st Class On Plane

CENPublished: March 28, 2018
Published: March 28, 2018

This is the moment a book author shouts a woman from economy class out of first class on a flight after she hogged the premium seating three times despite flight attendants telling her off.

Hong Kong book author Bruce Lam’s post has been liked 8,400 times and shared 4,600 times on social media at the time of writing.

According to his post, the incident happened on board an AirAsia flight from Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur back to Hong Kong, with the middle-aged woman allegeding occupying the empty ‘premium’ seats three times before Bruce stood up and told her off.

Despite having not forked out the extra cash to use the more spacious and comfortable seats on the budget flight, the woman scurried over to the row of red leather seats and lay down shortly before take-off, Bruce said.

His post included a photo showing the woman lying down and using her mobile phone.

She was approached by a male flight attendant who explained she was not allowed to use the seats because she had not purchased an upgrade.

The woman asked "why?" before begrudgingly returning to her own assigned spot - and then returned to the more comfortable seats just "a few minutes later" after take-off.

The author said the same crew member then spent another "four to five minutes" speaking to the woman, who again went back to her own seat.

"A few minutes later, the woman occupied the seats a third time and started playing on her phone," Bruce wrote, adding: "A female flight attendant explained to the woman that it would be unfair to other passengers if she were allowed to use the premium seats without upgrading."

However, when the woman refused to budge, Bruce stood up and started rebuking the woman, explaining: "I couldn’t stand it any more."

The footage he shared on social media shows him yelling at the woman in Cantonese, eventually driving her away from the premium section, which he and his two friends had paid for.

The woman’s response was "mind your own business", but she did not return a fourth time.

Bruce said in his post that he and his friends were thanked by the flight attendant 10 minutes later, and they were given a few cups of water as a token of their gratitude.

"A friend later revealed to me that the same woman had tried to cut queues twice before boarding," Bruce added as a final side note.

The author has yet to respond to Asia Wire’s request for comment.

Bruce Lam is an author based in Hong Kong who is known for writing and co-authoring seven books on social commentary. In 2013, he stood for election to be Tin Sum Councillor of Hong Kong’s Sha Tin District Council, but fell short with 531 - or 14.5 percent - of the vote.

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