Mum Chains Deaf-Mute Son In Stone Hut For 10 Years

CENPublished: March 28, 2018
Published: March 28, 2018

Heartbreaking images from China show a deaf-mute man whose own mother has chained and locked him inside a stone hut for more than 10 years.

Wang Zhiqiang, 41, was born unable to hear or speak, his mum Yue Rong, 77, revealed. But as a child he still showed signs of intellect, so his family sent him to a special needs school for education.

The time spent at the special education boarding school proved to be a traumatic experience for the villager from the township of Xuanhua in Dengfeng City in Central China’s Henan Province.

There suspected bullying caused him to develop psychological issues, which manifested themselves in the form of mental disorders when left untreated by the poverty-stricken family.

"He wasn’t able to go to school any more, and his condition worsened while staying at home," the mum said, adding: "It reached a point where he was attacking other villagers."

Yue explained: "When his father was still alive, he was able to take care of him, but when his dad passed away 12 years ago, I couldn’t handle him on my own."

"I had no choice but to chain him up and lock him in the room. It’s been more than 10 years," she revealed.

Zhiqiang’s sister and only , Wang Shufen, cries every time she sees her brother in the animal-like state; a video of their most recent meeting showed her sobbing while inspecting the marks on her brother’s arms made by the wrought-iron shackles.

Now in her 50s, Shufen said: "I wish it were me chained up and that my brother were free instead."

"You never saw the times, while he was still lucid, when he begged my family to let him out," she added.

Ding Yanfang, who is party secretary of their village, said: "When Zhiqiang was still a boy, he was very smart despite being deaf-mute."

"When he returned from the special needs school with mental problems, there was little we could do. It was heartbreaking," he added.

The village secretary said the local government provides the family with monthly subsidies, but he hopes members of the public will help raise enough funds to send Zhiqiang to a psychiatric hospital.

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