Farmer Stops Vehicle From Overturning With His Arm

CENPublished: March 28, 2018
Published: March 28, 2018

CCTV cameras have captured the incredible moment a farmer was able to stop his three-wheeled vehicle from toppling over by using just one arm.

The clip filmed somewhere in China has been viewed more than a million times at the time of writing, with dozens of commentators calling the man "lucky" for not breaking his arm.

The short video shows the man trying to reverse his empty pedicab, which is a vehicle commonly used in rural China to transport farm equipment and sometimes also livestock.

But one of his rear wheels appears to bump into something, causing the entire vehicle to tilt towards the left and threaten to topple onto its side.

Just before that happens, however, the experienced farmer stretches his left arm out the open window and places his palm against the ground, stopping the flip in its tracks.

He holds the posture seemingly comfortably for a few seconds before the video ends.

He is believed to have got himself out of the tricky situation by driving forwards again off the elevated bump behind him.

Social media users commenting on the viral clip have called him "a most experienced driver".

‘Wanwanlaile’ wrote: "That’s seriously dangerous."

‘Ibanxiaiii’ added: "So dangerous. He’s lucky the vehicle was empty, otherwise the weight might’ve broken his arm."

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