Family saves injured pig and keeps it as pet

NewsflarePublished: March 28, 2018
Published: March 28, 2018

This baby pig has become a pampered pet after a family saved his bacon - and now keep him in their house.

Eight-month-old 'Igat' was brought along with five of his siblings to be roasted at a party in Davao City, Philippines, on March 15. But Igat was being driven in the truck moments from being cooked and served up as a roasted suckling pig when he fell down and was cut.

Party guest Rey Andrade spotted the injured pig squealing in pain and took him to his mother to treat the wound.

The family fell in love with Igat and were so impressed by his intelligent behaviour so they decided to keep him in the family home.

Footage shows how Igat has become a member of the family - joining Rey and his wife Evelyn and children for dinner, sipping bottles of coke, playing with the pet dog and even being ridden by children.

Father-of-two Rey said: ''Igat is part of the family now.

''His favorite food is rice and fish with vinegar broth, sometimes we give him soda and crackers for treats and he loves laying on the sofa.

''He has become quite famous recently as people are surprised a large farm animal lives in a house with a family.''

Igat is well house-trained, goes outside when he needs to go to the toilet and has a shower every day.

Rey added: ''We adopted Igat while nursing him back from being injured.

''He's so intelligent that we couldn't let him be eaten.''

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