Toddler Cries After Seeing Her Dad Beardless

Caters_NewsPublished: March 28, 201812 views
Published: March 28, 2018

Change is mostly hard. Especially when you are not aware what is really coming. Toddlers are used to seeing their parents as they are, so when they do something else, dress oddly or have a new haircut and shave a beard, their reaction can be different. From happiness to sadness, depends on the kid. This is the hilarious moment when an adorable toddler doesn’t recognize her own dad when she sees him freshly shaven for the first time!

This baby was left very confused after seeing her dad without his beard for the first time. Little Rose Debling is just 18 months-old and wasn’t sure about her dad’s new look. Parents Steve, 32, and Kim, 34, from Basingstoke, Hampshire, filmed the toddler’s reaction after Steve’s clean shave before returning to work as a Chinook helicopter pilot.

Rose’s mom, Kim is currently undergoing a treatment for a ’silent killer’ disease and she is making YouTube videos from home, said: ‘I thought she might react like that, but the reaction was a lot stronger. I felt pretty terrible. She was like that for about an hour, after that she was absolutely fine.’

An obviously shocked toddler reached out to touch her father’s face before she burst into tears as her father hugged her. Steve’s attempts to make his daughter feel better didn’t go down well, so Rose rushed to hug her mom to comfort her.

Watch this little toddler’s emotional reaction as she sees her father clean shaved for the very first time! It’s simply adorable!

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