Football Freestyler Breaks World Record By Juggling A Ball On Mount Everest

Caters_NewsPublished: March 28, 2018
Published: March 28, 2018

The renown football freestyler and trickster John Farnworth is no stranger to beating world records, but his best feat so far is managing to trek 6000ft up Mount Everest, even beyond the base camp, while in the same time keeping a football in the air at all times, performing kick-ups.

John was proud to have achieved something no one has done before. He wanted to break the ground in the sport and challenge himself in other areas of endurance. Therefore, after losing his grandfather Alzheimer’s last year he tried to push his limits and in the same time use this opportunity to raise money in granddad's memory. He had been preparing for six months, training in an altitude center as well as practicing on many hills and mountains to help him get ready. He found that the hardest part was the uneven terrain and altitudee. The last two days took a lot longer because of the energy he was using, he had to slow down because of the increasing lack of oxygen. They had set no height goal but pushed onwards to see how high they could go in the time while keeping the ball in the air. They would travel for 10 hours per day, having just one main break for lunch and a few shorter ones in the afternoon. On the tenth day, they reached 6,000 meters which is 500 higher than the base camp. Regardless of how tired they were, they struggled to catch some sleep at 4,000 meters, but aside from that, fortunately, they were okay, no sickness whatsoever. The feeling was surreal, a truly incredible experience, brimming with emotions and had taken them a long while to sink in.

However, John does not stop there, the certainly got his eye on a further adventure. His next feat is doing 250 kilometers across the Sahara Desert, which is totally opposite to the entire Everest experience.

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