Magician Surrenders to His Spoiler Pal and Hilariously Reveals His Own Trick

StoryfulPublished: March 28, 2018
Published: March 28, 2018

We will all agree that a good magician always needs an assistant to help him out. In an attempt to make the crowd spellbound and not become a victim of his own trick, some magicians might make a mistake. Such as the one in this video. The prankster named ‘’Pokerface Man’’ ruins magician’s A Gan career and makes him reveal his trick! It is so funny!

Chinese magician A Gan is known for sharing some awesome videos of him alongside with his friend Pokerface Man doing magical endeavors. Whatever is the motivation, uncovering the mysteries of his friend’s illusions is always entertaining for Pokerface Man and for the Internet public too. That’s why these video clips of A Gan and his stone cold mate Pokerface man are so enjoyable.

The prankster ‘Pokerface Man’ has apparently left a shadow on his buddy A Gan’s magician career after mercilessly revealing all the secrets to his tricks. This time, as soon as the spoiler shows up, A Gan knows it’s impossible to hold the secrets anymore and has volunteered to reveal his magic tricks in the end. A Gan is not quite happy in the end when he has to show off the behind of his card trick.

The videos usually start with some serious act and end with a lot of laughter! The duo’s routine of revealing tricks has become popular online and people can’t get enough of them! Watch this funny video and name a better magician duo than these two friends… we are waiting!

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