Here Are Some Things We Got Wrong About These Famous Movies

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Published: March 27, 2018Updated: March 28, 2018

You think you're a movie fan, how many of these did you get wrong about these amazing movies? WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Things About Movies That Everyone Gets Wrong! But what does everyone get wrong? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre being based on a true story, The Lion King writing "S-E-X" in the sky, or the name of the main character in Clint Eastwood's the Dollars Trilogy? Some of the entries on this list might qualify as “myths”, this will not be a myths list!

We start the countdown with Brandon Lee’s death actually making into the final cut for “The Crow”. His character Eric Draven was the main protagonist of the show, a role he died for during filming. A scene called for a gun to be fired and one dummy bullet was left in the gun. Why? Because the gun specialist had left for the day. Legend says that the take where Brandon is fatally wounded was actually used in the final cut, but this is a myth. In fact, the reel was destroyed, after being used in the investigation.

Jason Voorhees is an iconic serial murderer from the big screen. Though everyone wants to believe that he has always been the one slashing on Friday 13th, it was actually his mom Pamela that did all the slashing in the first movie. Jason appears as the primary antagonist in the second movie.

Another thing movie lovers got wrong is the order of the Indiana Jones movies. Generally, trilogies come one after the other, right? But just as the original pulp fiction, the movies don’t follow a strict overarching narrative. The Temple of Doom movie is actually a prequel to The Raiders of The Lost Ark because George Lucas didn’t want Indy to come across Nazis twice in a row.

How about The Nightmare before Christmas? It may be Tim Burton’s brainchild, but the screenplay and direction were handled by others.

We are far off from number one, but it is everyone’s favorite. Keep watching to find out.

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