These Are All The Ways The NSA Keeps Tabs On You

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Published: March 27, 2018Updated: March 28, 2018

Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? From building back doors, to hijacking your cellular devices and web cams, to straight up hacking, these are the scary methods used by the NSA to keep tabs on everyone. WatchMojo counts down ten ways the NSA spies on you.

The National Security Agency is responsible for global monitoring, collection and processing of data for safety purposes. Spies may be great when they are on our side, but what happens when they are let go of their leash, being incredibly powerful and dangerous?

According to Edward Snowden, the Agency spends loads of money every year to influence and collaborate with tech and telecommunication companies to make devices “exploitable”. All in an effort to weaken cybersecurity.

The NSA would also use straight up hacking. Their elite hacking unit’s motto is “Your data is our data. Your equipment is our equipment”, a merry band of professionals who are part James Bond, part Bond villain. Their quantum tools can sneak malware into computers by diverting browsers to fake versions of real websites.

Not even your online purchases are safe. If you made a purchase using VISA of SWIFT, the company you used it with has probably been sending your info to the Agency. A branch, appropriately called “Follow The Money”, collected 180 million records of purchases made mostly with credit cards in 2011 alone.

The rest of the list goes in more detail, so we encourage you to keep watching if you are curious. It is quite educational.

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