Cat Reacts In The Most Humanlike Way Possible After Hearing Loud Scream

NewsflarePublished: March 27, 2018241 views
Published: March 27, 2018

Cats have a reputation as being stand-offish and somewhat distant - some have suggested they only hang around their owners because of the easy meals. But they may actually like their owners more than their reputation suggests. Cats may simply be misunderstood and they have complex socio-cognitive and problem solving abilities.

The cat you are looking at this very moment defies every belief that cats are less reactive to social stimuli. Meet the most humanlike cat in the history of cats and convince yourself that sometimes cats can act like humans. In the video, captured in Weihai City in eastern China’s Shandong Province on February 15, a cat grabs its owner's feet and then bites it. The cat’s bite is not an act of aggression or hostility. We know that kittens and young cats are famously known for their adoration of rough play.

This cat likes the interactive game of biting its owner’s foot. The feline nips at the foot playfully as a sign of affection, trying to get the owner’s attention. It may not endlessly meow but it rubs its body against this lady’s leg. The cat’s owner knows that her pet is comfortable and relaxed because its body is loose... until she decides to play a trick on it. All of a sudden, we hear a loud almighty scream coming from the owner. The ear-piercing cry surprises this pet so much that it stops at its tracks and it opens its mouth with a shocked expression, perfectly mimicking a person’s reaction. The feline’s face turns ‘pale’, its eyes bulge while the neck gets extended just like a crane. Confusion can be read all over its face. Hilarious!

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