This Adorable Boy Wows Airline Crew With Spiffy Pilot Outfit

NewsflarePublished: March 27, 2018
Published: March 27, 2018

One of the best gifts you could pass to your children is to instill in them the love of aviation. In order to encourage this love, you certainly do not need to own an aircraft, you can use a vast selection of toys, books, and videos instead. When they reach the age when they begin to understand and stop being afraid by the noise, you can take them to the airport or visit airshows to deepen their appreciation of flight. To truly appreciate the joy and excitement of flight, they need a pleasant but memorable experience flying in an aircraft.

The parents of the four-year-old boy in the video have been doing practically the same. From a very early age they have taken care to instill in him a passion for flying, going so far as to even provide the boy with a tailor-made pilot suit, true to the original to the tiniest bit: it even has a paper name tag set on the left side of his chest.

Naturally, the boy’s appearance wowed a Spirit Airlines crew with his spiffy pilot’s outfit during a flight from Tampa, Florida, to Detroit. “He has been flying since 6-months-old and he has worn a pilot outfit every year, so we have a new one for him every year, too,” his mother said. “He loves flying and I have several videos showing his excitement,” she continued. “People give him high-fives when he’s wearing his costume and he brightens a lot of days when he’s at the airport and flying!”

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