It Seems That Even Baby Elephants Like To Splash In Rivers

NewsflarePublished: March 27, 201816 views
Published: March 27, 2018

An adorable baby elephant splashes around in a river in Thailand as his mother calmly stands next to him not seeming to mind his antics. The baby elephant is having the time of his life splishing and splashing in the water with his toy tire. It takes the tire into the water to play but soon realizes that the water is super duper fun all on its own. It’s not long until he starts frolicking in the stream, hopping and skipping around - making sure to splash lots of water everywhere.

The ‘splashing’ moment captured in the video is incredibly adorable, and it is a real fun to watch this ‘pair of swimming trunks’ frolics in a Thai river. Alongside his doting mother which keeps a careful eye on the playful scamp, the calf happily plays in the water, rolling around and causing loud noise.

Although it only takes newborn elephants a few hours to master standing and walking, they need much more time to figure out how to use their trunks. An elephant’s trunk is actually a long nose used for smelling, breathing, trumpeting, drinking, and also for grabbing things. It can also suck up water both to drink and to spray water on its body, and when underwater, the elephant uses its trunk as a snorkel. Each ‘trunkful’ of water may amount to between four and eight litres of water .

This baby has no difficulty using his trunk which he waves jovially in the air and he makes sure his body is covered with water while enjoying entirely in the process. He normally use his trunk to siphon up water and squirt it into his mouth. What a silly elephant he is! But let’s not forget that he is also intelligent and graceful and just like humans, he needs some time to outgrow the awkwardness of youth.

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