A Cinema In Dublin Invites Dogs To The Screening Of A Dog Movie

TravelandLeisurePublished: March 27, 2018770 views
Published: March 27, 2018

A theatre Invited a bunch of dogs to come and see the “Isle of Dogs” and the photos that came out of it are even cuter than the movie. These movie-goers gave Wes Anderson’s latest flick, “Isle of Dogs,” two paws up.

The Light House Cinema in Dublin hosted a huge pack of pups and their owners for a screening of the film. The cinema has laid on water bowls and blankets. There wasn’t a long queue in front of the popcorn stands because this particular audience is not particularly crazy after such sorts of snacks. Instead, biscuits and dried pig ears were brought out from the bags when the movie started. About forty dogs of every sort and size were in attendance, enjoying their treats and a movie about their favorite subject: dogs. The largest was Luna, a Newfoundland, and the smallest was a terrier cross called Pedro. As it always goes after all good movies, the end of the film was followed by applause and barking, tails were wagging and drumming the backs of the seats. The screening was such a success the theater is planning to have another event.

“All the dogs were very well behaved and most of them seemed to enjoy the film very much. The Light House, therefore, has decided to do another dog-friendly screening on Friday which sold out in minutes,” said Sharon McGarry of Fox.

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