Bumblebee Waves Back At The Little Girl Who Saved Its Life

StoryfulPublished: March 27, 2018108 views
Published: March 27, 2018

We are all familiar with the phenomenon of animals waving back to people and even greeting them with human-like sounds. But can you imagine an insect, such as bumblebee to show feelings of gratitude? Well, you better start believing, cause you are about to see something amazingly cute. A toddler has been filmed waving to a bumble bee which apparently waved back! The video is un-bee-livable!

A family in the U.K found a dying bumble bee and decided to save its life. What happens next will amaze you! The little girl and her unlikely new friend became overnight internet sensations after a video of them was shared to Facebook on March 24. Samuel Foden Higham, from Accrington in the UK, when the father posted a clip of his young daughter Olivia waving at her new companion — a huge bumblebee.

According to the post, the father of Olivia and the little girl herself found the bee while it was on the brink of death, and helped nurse it back to health with some sugar water. The footage shows Olivia enthusiastically waving, and unbelievably, the bee appears to be copying her gesture, lifting one of its legs up as if waving back.

Olivia’s father said: "Olivia was really invested in the bee and interested in helping it. I told her were we giving it sugar and water to help it and she kept repeating what I was saying." The nursery school pupil was so excited and showed a big smile as she noticed the bee lifting her middle leg to copy her gesture. Enjoy this inspiring video and share your thoughts below!

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