Check Out These Top 10 Genius Manoeuvres For Lazy Parents

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Published: March 27, 2018

Having kids doesn’t mean you should give up on DIY projects, you need to refocus them! This video will give you amazing ideas and hacks for lazy parents!

Number 10: Cardboards car dividers! Every for every adult who has taken multiple kids on a road trip this is the perfect hack for you! It might be ridiculous and feel a little bit cool at first but placing rigid pieces of cardboard between the car seats you can create a simple way of the division!

Number 9: Make cleaning into a game! This hack is an oldie but a goodie. Making cleaning a fun game rather than a chore! Think outside the box and the possibilities are endless!

Number 8: Use a laundry basket to keep bath toys from floating away! This solution is simple, a little silly to look at but ultimately brilliant!

Number 7: Inflatable pool baby play area! Inflatable pool are cheap and come in a wide variety of sizes!

Number 6: Hang a fort with a hula-hoop and bedsheets! Kids love forts!

Number 5: Coffee cup lid drip catcher for popsicles! This nifty hack does neatly tame one of the worst offenders, popsicles.

Number 4: Fitted sheet portable playpen for the beach! Nothing says family fun like the day at the beach.

Number 3: Starbucks cups for no spill paint containers! This will work as a great paint container that diminishes spills and drips thanks to its shape and small opening.

Number 2: A cut pool noodle to prevent slamming doors! It might look silly but this door stopper could very well save you a trip to the emergency room.

Number 1: Monster repellent spray! It’s just a water in a bottle but it will do the trick!

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