Top 10 Hilarious Fireworks Fails

WatchMojo Published March 27, 2018 32 Plays $0.10 earned

Rumble Fireworks have always been an amusing way to celebrate all different kinds of happy occasions. Such as birthdays, New Years, promotions, gender reveal, house parties, you name it. On many occasions however, these happy exploding colors that color the sky and stimulate happens can sometimes be a hazard if not used properly.

This video is exactly that. It is a compilation of many amateurs trying to have a little fun by experimenting with some high level fireworks. For some of them it happens that they actually endanger their lives, while for some they happen to be a pinch away from severe burns. However, it is most definitely worth giving it a try since it is bound to at least make you raise your eyebrows.

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Fireworks shows – when put on by trained professionals – can be a blast. But, when it's just you and your friends, the results can be hilarious for us but hazardous for you. WatchMojo counts down Top 10 Craziest Fireworks Fails.